Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You're Beautiful

A.N.JELL is a very famous idol group among teenagers in Korea. A.N.JELL consist of three member: Hwang Tae Kyung (lead singer), Kang Shin Woo (Guitar), Jeremy (Drum). However, now A.N.JELL has a problem. Their lead singer is having issues with vocal health and has been advised to refrain from live singing. He is pissed off to have been forced to lip-sync the concert. And so that Manager Ahn Sung-Chan announces that the group can’t handle the tough vocals in their current state, and is therefore bringing in another vocalist — he’s found an exciting fourth member.
Go Mi Nam is already selected as the fourth member. However at the last minute, he suffers an injury and his twin sister, Go Mi Nyu has to step in disguised as him. Go Mi Nyu is a young apprentice nun who has lived at a convent ever since she was brought there as an orphan. Because of her strict upbringing, Mi-nyeo speaks very formal Korean. Despite her sweet nature and good intentions, Mi Nyu constantly ends up causing trouble.
At first Ma Hoon Yi (Mi Nam’s Manager) only ask Mi Nyu to sign the contract, ans since Mi Nam can’t go in person, all she needs to do is sign for him. But after the signing moment, Manager Ma reveal that Mi Nam is seriously injured and Mi Nyu has to impersonate Mi Nam at least for a month since there’s an upcoming press conference to introduce Mi Nam as the new member.

The rest of the drama follows the story of Mi Nyu replacing her twin brother in the idol group and behind-the-scenes life of this idol group.


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